The train moves towards home,

To the place from where I come.

Deep in thought I sit.

Gazing at the window and the fields that lit.

Memories flashing like movies,

to tell I have loads of stories.

Richer by experience I am now,

Like I have seen the worst of things somehow.

Something within me has changed,

I no longer bother about being accepted.

I no longer put Β others before me.

But I am not selfish you see.
I love myself more than anybody else,

With entire heart and every pulse.

My heart thanks the toxic people I met,

My head frets and my eyes are wet.

Tears trickle down,

And I frown.

But then I smile again.

Again after bouts of pain.

For I am going back home,

To the place from where I once come.

Connecting the post to Day & of #Halfmarathon by Blogchatter.


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