It is truly said that,”Ignorance is bliss.”

Childhood-It is a phase in everybody’s life when everything from Little red riding hood to the Robin hood seems true.

The days of childhood are the most memorable,cherish able and I called them volatile because they are so good that it I never realized how fast it evaporated away. An over-enthusiast in doing things,especially playing,troubling and fighting with your siblings for a toy!


Seems silly now,but the best part was I would have never parted with the toy of mine yet it would end up with my brother.. Cry for loosing the toy and then never realize when both of us were playing together.. That was the joy of childhood !

Care-free and joyful were those days when we would go through the same routine of going to school,counting the number of benches to see which paragraph you have to read,enjoying breaks, playing,waiting for the pick and drop van. And of course, the one thing we always detested was completing the homework. Yet, I wish I could bring back those precious and beautiful days back.

The thrill on our faces when our parents used to accompany us to school!Now everything looks like a one sweet dream. But the ocean of feelings can not be expressed in just few words that I am penning down.

Now when I think about the days that flew, I feel that it is not the days that were cherish able, it was us and the people we love that make our day cherish able . I no more miss my childhood days, I have all the fun and don’t feel silly !


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