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Aloha ! I am Ramya !

I am an engineer by profession and a blogger by passion. A wordsmith, traveller, bibliophile and photographer the other times.

Nature lover and a girl all set to explore the world. Women empowerment, social issues, the education system and travel I would like to discuss any time over a cup of hot ginger tea. Bangalore is where I reside and in my writing is where my heart resides.

Poems, fiction, articles, book reviews,my travel diaries and much more I pen. Keep in touch with my humble abode, Kyun ki picture abhi baaki hain mere dost! Ever feeling low or want a biscuit of positivity, don’t shy away, just drop in.

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If We Were Having Coffee

If we're having coffee, I would first ask you if you would like some hot tea instead, if no then I would sit down in the cosy corner with you, with two mugs of hot filter coffee and some cookies. I would ask you how you were and apologize for being MIA. Listen to you...

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Three Things You Should Not Miss When In Rome- Guest Post

Today on my humble abode is Ganesha Upadhya, who is starting his journey into writing from here. Here is a travel post from him which I believe he is amazing in. So dear world, introducing the Husband to you. Be kind and enjoy the trip to Rome! Wishing him all the...

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A Letter To My Heart

Dear Heart, how are you doing? what is it that you are pursuing? There is so much you want to do, coming up with ideas new. The mind doesn't understand you! I wish he would agree too Dear heart, I am so proud of you! I am still searching for the super glue, that would...

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My Everyday Musings

  I wake up at no fixed time, and that feels like committing a crime! I plan to wake up early and follow a morning ritual, But this laziness has now become habitual! I promise daily to exercise regularly, and I don't do that particularly! I don't skip breakfast no...

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5 Reasons Why Venice Is a Must Visit

Venezia, located in the North Eastern part of Italy, is one of the most beautiful cities to visit. The city is flocked with tourists at any time of the year. Those who go once come back for more again and never does the city fail to charm you. The city where land,...

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Resource Resource which Resource Do you Choose

Blessed are the people with a loving family, Have you seen them glow happily? They don't think twice to give, among such people I live! They have your back, never let your hopes sack. Easily they forgive, among such people I live! Rain or the sunshine we stick, quick...

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