Isabel would turn 15 in another two minutes, but she was not excited as usual, her mind was hovering over the stories her friends told her on the beautiful places in the world.

She slept dreaming of her being in Paris, she dreamt of visiting the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame, she had heard it was paradise, she dreamt of boasting how good her vacation was the best one.
Her beautiful dreams were suddenly interrupted by a sudden jerk, she thought it was an earthquake and was reluctant to open her eyes, after some time when the tremor stopped, she opened her eyes half willingly, and to her surprise she was in an aeroplane, with the whole crew singing the birthday song for her.
Her mother gave her an envelope instead of her usual birthday chocolate cake, the envelope contained three tickets of Eiffel Tower. Isabel was struck with awe and shock, her parents had planned the vacation despite their busy schedule, and it was her best birthday and contrary to what she imagined about her birthday.

She roamed the city the whole day reached the Eiffel Tower in the evening, she felt like a kid on Christmas waiting to open presents, she clicked infinite photos as she went up, on the top of the tower, as she was enjoying the cool breeze, people around her started singing the birthday song, with her mother at the centre with her favourite cake, it felt like the city of Paris celebrated her 15th birthday!


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