I love traveling and now when I think back I have been a sort of nomad all my life, but with a place to go back to anytime. My traveling journey started with my family, and those were times when smartphones were a luxury, in fact scarce. A friend would sleepover while we were away to protect our abode from burglars and thieves.

But not all good things last for long, soon this arrangement began to wither away, and we took our risk and went on short travels.

Few years down the lane the technology grew rapidly, smartphones became a rage. Access to the internet became easier thereafter. A lot of applications and websites made traveling easier. And I was uneasy about leaving the home unsupervised for long. In the past three years, I have had to stay away from home a little longer than usual because of work, blog and family commitments.

This year, as I planned my travels which involves staying away from home for a few months, we decided to get a smart camera and smart lights installed. This helped us on our recent trip to Rajasthan, as well. Where we switched on/off the lights when we wanted, and monitored the house while we were away, joining the #SmartHomeRevolution.

Technology has helped me as a traveler in another way too, I have been on the heavier side of the scale all my life, guilt free though. I have been striving to get fit and healthy the past few years and my love for traveling makes it a tad bit difficult.

While traveling exercising and maintaining health becomes difficult because I don’t refrain myself from trying the local cuisine and at times overeating. My health regimen used to go haywire most of the time. But then walking is my guilty pleasure. And I put that into good use. We burnt calories and saved money. To track, be accountable and be fit, last year I purchased a smart wearable.

This new year I pledge to get my friends and family #GetFitWithFlipkart, ditch the comfort of the couch and keep moving. Because sharing is caring !

We have always been fascinated by technology and how it has helped each person differently, in terms of security, business, travel, fitness, food, health and what not. Technology has helped me be a smart traveler and has also bestowed responsibility to use it well and wisely.

Thanks to these devices and smart technologies, I now travel, eat and repeat guilt free.


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