I have always believed in giving my best to anything I do. A professor in a conference I attended told to give a 150% in anything you do, and you are sure to achieve what you need.

I decided to follow it this year at least make efforts in the direction of my first mantra.
My mantra is to do anything I do in such a way that I would never have done it in any other way.
To be frank, I was excited and interested to get back to work,  because the vacation had given me enough energy and the curiosity of how it feels to follow the mantra.

The feeling is profound and refreshing.  And I fell good back to work was good. Of course, making yourself to get up and go to work depends more on if you love the job you do and the people you work with are as driven and enthusiastic as you, mantras are just to keep you going during the bad times.

Well, for me I am still on the path of discovering what is it I love doing the most for there are many.  I haven’t any things planned,  it becomes monotonous if it goes as you planned and very heart breaking if it doesn’t.  But if you have an aim and let life take you where it wants, there is an element of surprise and a force within to strive for the better.

Well, my first working day of the year is done,  like many of yours.  I had a good day. How about you?

This post is part of the January blogathon hosted by #kowthas and today’s prompt is “Monday Mantra ” linked here 

Also linking it to Day 4 of UBC


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