A beautiful face and glowing skin is what most people desire and yearn for. Irrespective of whether we are fair, dusk or dark, we want to appear food and glow. To maintain a glowing body, along with beauty, exercise and balanced diet is essential.
I am not a great fan of beauty products but, do follow some natural remedies for tan and glow. But before going to the external aspects. There is a need to cleanse internally.
Also a healthy mind attributes to a healthy body. Regular exercise, short breaks from work is a must.
So here are a few tips which I have seen people use and few which I have used myself:-
1. Wake up early six days a week, follow a regime, staying fit is the key to a glowing face. Healthy body and a beautiful face.
2 .Meditate and do breathing exercises, this helps us slow down the stress that we endure in our day to day life. We frown a lot. Always worried. Worried if we could make it on time,worried how the presentation would go, worried what your boss will think, worried what if you reached home late, worried about what to cook for dinner and then again start worrying about next day. The loop is endless, so we need to slow down, meditate and keep calm, because work just doesn’t stop but we need to learn that we work to keep us happy not to stress and brood over it.
3.Detoxifying drinks, fruits and greens improve glow and enhances glow and beauty.
Now with all these we are ready to go with a few beauty tips:
1. After a tiring day at work, cucumber slices over your closed eyelids  is heaven.
2. A function at home or office and no time to go the parlour, all you need is to mix besan with curd, make a fine mixture, not to watery. Apply it over face and neck till it dries as a face pack and then wash it off with warm water.
3. Busy in kitchen? Rub over the lemon piece gently over the place you want to lighten.
4 .Tomatoes are the  best to remove dark spots and tan. Rub it over the dark spots, or you could as well have tomato juice.
5. Make a paste out of mixing few drops of lemon juice, milk cream and honey, it helps in removing tan.
6. Aloe Vera paste to be rubbed over your arms and legs nourishes the skin and enhances the glow.
7. Have a relaxing hot water bath every weekend. What you need:
A. Apply oil coconut oil all over your body.
B. Keep in handy loads of hot water.
C. Keep a pumice stone and very good body wash.
D.Put on some good music and take your much needed relaxing bath.
This lightens mind, body and soul.                                              
  For more effects and better skin one could use the VICCO Turmeric Cream which is prepared with all natural ingredients.


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