I missed writing poems. It was one of those days where things did not seem right and weren’t falling into place. I penned down how I felt and from the many discussions I have with people who have similar experiences. Here is the poem :



Not all days are the same,
My monkey mind,I can’t tame.
Anger and fear gets better of me,
A feeling of drowning in the sea.
To a beautiful place can I momentarily flee?


Not all days are the same.
To exciting things I am game.
The mind and soul is at peace,
Wishing that the day wouldn’t cease.
Why can’t all days be this bright and nice ?


Not all days are the same,
There is guilt and shame.
A feeling of not doing enough,
Like everything and everyone is a bluff,
When even menial work seems tough.


Not all days are the same.
And your feelings ain’t lame.
Let those tears trickle down,
If you want to laugh, laugh like you have seen a clown.
Don’t hold anything back,
Nobody is keeping a track.


Not all days are the same.
And nobody is to blame.
We are the masters of our mind,
A way out, a path, we will always find.




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