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Welcome to Mysuru, the third most populated city of the state Karnataka. Let us begin our journey to this beautiful weekend getaway from Bangalore and a tourist’s destination for many people in and around the world. Having second thoughts about it ? Okay. Let us know more about the city and you will not refuse to visit it.

We are a small city with diversity. You can find the localites, people from all around the country and people from all over the world, both residing and visiting. Many people from all over the world stay in Mysore to learn the art of yoga.Tourism was the main source of revenue now we have the IT. We mean the huge Infosys training center. It is really huge and beautiful. 

Convinced ? 
Uh! okay. I wanted you to visit these and explore it all yourself, you don’t seem persuaded. Here are the few, mind it only a few things that  you should do. There are a plenty. Okay?

So here it goes. Don’t miss out on these world-class experiences.

1. The Royal Maharaja

The palaces are magnificent and beguile the tourists. Photography prohibited inside. The Maharaja Palace attracts tourists like the pull of gravitation.  During Dusshera, Mysore Palace is like a silhouette against the thousands of  illuminated lights,shimmering against the jet-black night is one of the most unforgettable images of the city. It is at the heart of the city showcasing the valor and splendor of the Maharajas.

2.  The Mysore Zoo

The city is small and hence, it is easy to get here. No no to plastics here. Good right ? Keep your cameras ready and poses prepared, go wild. Keep a day for the visit. Look out for the mighty elephants and the majestic giraffes.

3. Unity in Diversity

The temple in Chamundi hills is a must visit, irrespective of the religion you follow, it’s beautiful, the journey and the destination.
The city has famous pilgrimage centres. 

Its a really old photograph.

4. A Splendid Garden 

The famous Brindavan garden is a must visit. The musical fountain is dazzling and the flora mesmerising, you will be enjoying it to the fullest, the afternoon heat just reduced, and a cool breeze welcomes you and the sight is a feast to the eye.

There are many places around Mysore too and they have amazing stories to say,the places and the people. The list is big and the Wiki has it all. 

I can see you are convinced now, planning and packing. 
All set?
Bon voyage!

The road journey from Bangalore to Mysore is amazing. Just saying. Okay?

I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. My theme is A-Z of travelling in India.
Come along and take the journey with me to experience incredible India.

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