I pen this letter to my 16-year-old naive self, who wanted to skip all those years and grow up quickly and become independent as soon as possible. I thought a poem could sum what my heart wanted to say the best.

My dear 16-year-old self,
Never forget to love yourself.
From there future looks hazy,
I can tell you it’s a bit crazy.

At times you may feel out of place,
Or get caught in the rat race.
But remember marks isn’t paramount.
It isn’t for life but to just count.

You want to skip these beautiful days,
For you are naive and unaware of world’s ways.
I wouldn’t want to do anything differently,
But I would tell you to take it easy, gently.

Remember that life just goes on,
And after every night comes dawn.
Failure and heart aches are inevitable,
Never forget that you are strong and capable.
Most importantly never ever give up.

I thought a lot about what to write and I decided to write letters. There would be 8 letters this month in the form of poems to things or people close to heart.


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