I have decided to take up the A-Z challenge this year. It would be for the first time and the second blogging challenge for the year. In the month of April, I blog from A-Z.

April is going to be a hectic month both professionally and personally for me. But I decide to spin up 26  posts and continue to stay motivated and finish the A-Z  challenge. I have decided to take up a theme to make things easy as well as challenging for me.

My hectic schedule and lack of time to travel have forced me into a state of wanderlust. So, I decided to share my personal experiences of the previous trips that I went, the pros and the cons and what are the musts and, of course, there would be my personal touch, it would be boring, isn’t it? There would be photos and I would be in the photos too. What’s the fun in a picturesque view and me not being in it.

The theme all through April and for the challenge would be: A-Z of Travelling in India
Discussing what the tourism department must improve and what we as travellers can do. We shall go in the trains jam-filled with people, take an auto, fly and at time ride on an elephant like royals. I will take you to different places, from the magnificent palaces to sand glistened beaches. Meeting the good hearted tribes and the lecherous travel guides.

I weave stories and poems and writing this would be a challenge in itself. I am challenging myself. I hope to see you backpacked and all ready to explore our beautiful country. I shall get back to you in April.


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