As Warren Buffet rightly says,”Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.

Like many others in our country, I am from a middle class family. The daughter of a hardworking banker and apple of his eye. I excelled in every competition and fared well in examinations. trying to please my parents with good marks, trophies,appreciation and certificates. Our parents aspire for us to be someone much greater than themselves, pushing us, sacrificing their lives for us, but making us realize what they have sacrificed, so that we strive much more to excel in life and make them proud.

 With such a background, our family was devastated by the marks I scored in my class 12. I was ashamed for putting my family through this. It was disheartening to watch my mother cry for the less marks I scored. But, I tried to keep myself calm, for deep inside I knew I am better than  what all these marks portray me to be.
I spent days, alone in my room, mourning, but yet analyzing. Meanwhile, our society condemned me , as though they had a role to play in my life. But nosy neighbors, over enthusiastic jealous relatives can’t be kept at bay. I realized, my actions would make them silent.
Meanwhile, despite the feedback I got for not to opt engineering as my career. I took the risk to prove, I am worthy of it, to myself and others. But my endevour just had begun, for I had to move from a metropolitan city to a tier 3 city to pursue my under graduation.
Nonetheless, I convinced my parents and myself, that what’s life if there’s no risk involved in it.
I had to let go of so many luxuries my city gave me, I had mixed feelings, is it all worth the risk?
Would I mingle with people there? If I failed in what I took up, then my parents would have to face the consequences, in terms of money, for I was studying on a loan and also listen to people, for we have to blend in the society, so we will have to listen to them they said.
But, I took the risk, and reached the city to chase my dreams. Hurdles everywhere, but I made my parents proud, every time. I learnt, that being in a smaller city has so many advantages over the metropolitan I stayed. The risk  I tool defined me, I excelled in my education and in my career. I have had two job offers, my fruits of the risk I took four years back.
Here I am in the fouth year my successful engineering career, telling you all my risks and how I excelled.
By taking the risk of challenging myself with bigger challenges under harsh environment, I realised, we are bound in the boundaries of comfort zone so much, that we often forget that challenges are what we create. For  a non swimmer, swimming is a challenge, for a swimmer, swimming with butterfly strokes graciously is a challenge and a risk in a competition. 
To do anything in life, taking a little risk and then believing that you can do it, is what it all takes.
I learnt, that life experience is what defines our character, even if it means getting your heart broken or being lied to. You know, at times we  need the downs to appreciate the ups and keep us inspired.  That’s what kept me going. I take risk and extend my boundaries. By doing so, I appreciated things I had.
Going on the adventure or taking that risk is important. It is important and I am sure most of you will.

 This post is written IndiVine


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