Lake Konigssee is a beautiful place to get lost. With creative juices flowing, I tried to combine two of my favourite things. Writing rhyming poetry and travelling savouring nature.


Here goes the poem:

Sparkling under the sun,
with the ducks, playing and having fun.
The gorgeous Alpine Lake she is,
At times I see her fizz.

Daughter of the glaciers,
Undefeated with no chasers.
Crystal clear and deep,
I wonder if you ever sleep?


Crowned by mighty falls and Alps,
with shining snowy scalps.
I walked devouring the beauty,
and loved all of it like it was my duty.

It poured from heavens above,
droplets fell like it was whispers of love.
Oh mighty lake, I hope to meet you again,
someday again when it will rain.






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