**All through April I will be posting the A-Z of life of a girl of twenty-something as a part of the A-to-ZChallenge. Do join me in this journey of introspection and lesson.**

When you are in your twenties, every Tom, Dick and Harry want to know if you know to cook and how well you cook. Don’t be intimidated. It is a life skill we all need and we will learn it at our own pace. 🙂

Somewhere in the beginning,
when I was happy and grinning.
The auntie dropped the word cooking,
this got everybody looking.

I tried to break free and run away,
told it to come some other day.
A day when I don’t consider it an ordeal,
The spices and aroma I want to feel.

The survival skill I shall learn at my own pace.
Someone tell the society there is no race!
There is so much more than cooking to achieve,
Everything has a pace, I believe.

Dear Society, your constant questions are annoying,
On your part, it is very disappointing.
Attach no gender to a brilliant skill,
Let people do things of their own free will.

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