Have you read the novel series of the Vampire themed love story by Stephenie Meyer called the Twilight Saga? It would transport you to a different world altogether, like many good books. And no, I don’t want to be a Vampire. That is too boring. But I have always believed in magic and I feel everyone has a superpower. A superpower that is unique to each of them and makes them special and can only touch others but not be touched.

And I feel a poem would sum up what my heart feels about what I wish I were, here it goes:

I wish I were a telepath,
easy it would be to solve life’s math.
I wish I were a healer,
easing the pain and not letting time be the teacher.

I wish I could teleport,
waiting for holidays I could cut short.
I wish I were Flash,
the heavy traffic I could smash.

I wish I were a time traveler,
meeting my older self and seeing my own avatar.
Then I would truly know if I would love meeting me,
Maybe I that I will never see.

I wish I possessed atmokenesis,
then there would be no weather crisis.
I wish I were an omnilinguist,
for miscommunication is the root of problems.

Of all, I wish I were a kid,
for I feel my childhood I hardly lived.
I want to smile, dream and believe in miracles again,
hug, love, fall and get up despite all the pain.

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