You can’t run while you bleed they said.
A new trend I set and a bright path for others I laid.
This job is only for men,
And I tried it for fun.

My dreams for them were dangerous,
Can’t girls have all the fun and get adventurous ?
I traveled places, lived and met people,
For once can’t people stop belittling each other
based on color, physique, and  gender,
Miracles happen when we are a blender.

A human is defined by who she is from within,
Don’t tell me that being a girl is a sin.
It isn’t added responsibility,
I am no liability and I need no security.

I make my own choices of people and clothes,
In my affairs stop poking your nose.
Being assaulted is a fault on your part, not mine,
Me it doesn’t define.

I like my guy friends, vodka, and shorts,
Chocolate, travel,party and sports.
Don’t you define ,refine or modify me,
Let us all live a life of no boundaries.

And it is Day 24 of UBC. Just 7 more days to go 😉

P.S. : The character, events and incidents are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
The purpose of the poem is to put forth my view 🙂


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