I walk down the lane,
They stare at my bare legs all over again.
My body now has layers of clothes,
They ogle my face from eyes to nose.

I walk down the lane,
staring at the broken window pane.
Where once stood a friend with a beautiful face,
full of grace, now at god’s place.

I walk down the lane,
called names which causeΒ great pain.
Tired of choices being questioned,
like I am free and yet arrested.

Every single day I walk down the same lane,
Smile like a beautiful sunshine after a rain.
All the complaint can’t take away the pain.
But my actions I won’t explain.
All your attempts of oppression will go in vain.
I will be me and to societal rules, I will not budge in.

This Post is written for Day 5 of UBC.


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