Relationships. They are complicated of all. The heart beats faster than ever and the head gives a red alert. But the heart beats so fast, that the alert that comes in red is taken as a sign of love. Well, it may be or may be not. The men folk think women are complicated and we the other way round. All of us are complicated, becauae that is how we have grown up. The wires are loose somewhere or the other for everyone of us out there. Our past, experience, people we meet and a little of us is all are. The heart knows no reason or rhyme because it believes in the head to do the needful and yet doesn’t trust it. At times I feel the two of them are playing a prank with us, intention  being learning and living life better.
So, while the head and the heart plays it’s game, let us read the flash fiction:

This post is written for Day 2 of Write Tribe Festival of Words #5

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