There was a small girl,
Hair thick and with a curl.
There was innocence in her eyes,
Looking up to the wise.
She loved the man with all her heart,
Then came a time when they had to part.
Their love remained intact but something changed.
Like the world had rearranged.
She still loved her old man,
But they no longer had the same plan.
Distance and age had played an unfair game,
Things between them were no longer the same.
She tried her best to catch up,
But it was lost between his work and filling the plate and cup.
They still love each other,
Because he is my father.

He taught me things great,
Thank you for toiling so hard and late.
And teaching value for money,time and health,
You, us are the real wealth.
Thanks for being there night and day.
Happy father’s day !


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