Sunday evenings are usually reserved for evening walks along the streets of Mylapore, which is usually bustling with people, going to restaurants, visiting temples and buying vegetables. I on the other hand just roam, you could blame my thin pocket. I see the famous softy ice cream, a small child and his mother relishing it. I just can’t control. I say two hoods to dieting and health. But that’s all, I remind myself telling health is important and abstain from the crime of eating an ice cream. At home of course, I am often welcomed with an ice cream, which I hardly resist. So I take an hour’s toll, observing and admiring the reflection of Kapaleshwar temple’s reflection shimmering in the water and for very rarely a cold wind blows. After an hour’s toll or probably hours I get back to prepare myself to start the monotonous week. 
But today, I had a good Saturday unlike usual. And my mom made every plans to thwart my Sunday plans sitting 400kms away. Because she reads my blog regularly and I don’t want a cawasn’tfrom her to add to the already sad Sunday I will abstain from revealing the details. And I am here sitting in the balcony, listening to the bells ringing in the temple rapped with vehicles’ s honking as the manuever their way in the small street to join broader ones. 
Ever since I have moved to Chennai, the evening walks had become customary. It gave me some kind of peace. But today I was up for it. My mom and relatives would say I was being lazy. You can say that too. And maybe I was but, today I wanted to catch up on reading, writing and the much needed sleep. Speaking of sleep, I have been deprived of it. Mostly because of work and sometimes because I wanted to finish a particular post on that particular day. I caught up on my sleep, dark circles doesn’t want me to leave though. I finished two novels in a day and I feel so proud of myself. But I am guilty of skipping my exercise though. My iPad saw most of me today, I am sure she was happy. I was soaked in sweat all through the day like I had worked out. That was draining. 
I did not want my customary thing to change into a monotonous thing. So I broke it today, did random things. Spoke to a friend after a long time. Dusted my rusted resume. Slept in the noon without keeping an alarm and then was angry at mom for spoiling my plans but at the same time missed her so much that I started going back in time by going through photos of  our recent trip to Lepakshi. 

This was my interesting boring random Sunday! How has the week treated you ? And of course did you break the monotony this Sunday ?

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