Dear ladies, may I have your attention, please. This one is for you, my ladies, by a lady, so I hope you are all ears. 
Remember the movie Queen ? Kangana Ranaut goes alone to different countries. They did a pretty good job showing how your experience will be if you travel alone. But remember, she was going away from India, to countries which are known to be much safer, so I am sorry if I have shattered your dreams, your experiences will not be so adventurous and fun- filled unless you are extremely lucky.
Again in the form of  rules I tell you this:-
  • The Cab Saga1: If you are using a cab to reach the station/airport or in general travelling in a cab in an unknown place, please keep in touch with a dear one, if you don’t want to trouble them or scare them , at least let them know you have boarded a cab and gals, please pretend to talk and keep your google maps ready to check if the driver is on correct route.
  • The Cab Saga 2 : If you are using a cab , late in the night. Keep plenty of chewing gums and candies.It is not to make merry, it is to keep you awake. If you are a good speaker and manage to speak the local language, strike a conversation with the driver, so that he doesn’t sleep and if you are lucky the driver many speak fluent English too.
  • The Public Bus Saga 1: Board only government buses for local commuting. A big no no to private buses, and if it is too late prefer Ola , Uber and likewise over private buses and autos
  • The Public Bus Saga 2: Observe the way people sit. Stand or sit only on the women’s side. There are all types of elements you see.
  • The Public Bus Saga 3: They look decent, strike a conversation with you, all good. But be very careful with your valuables. Pickpocketers are sophisticated and are nightmares dressed like a daydream.
  • The Railways Saga 1: Do not engage, I repeat. Just kidding. Chill. We aren’t working with the FBI. Oh, come on you can smile. The joke wasn’t so bad also. We are just looking at all the worst things that are, prevention is better than cure, you see. Okay, serious now, you want to continue the single trips right? Okay, so do not eat anything offered by a stranger, yeah, we heard it so many times, but we don’t follow when the stomach is empty or just a bad day. Even if your stomach growls do not eat  thr food offered by strangers. Shucks! I sound like my mom.
  • The Railways Saga 2: Keep your luggage where it is visible to you from your seat. 
  • The Railways Saga 3: Use a sling bag instead of a hand bag, so that you don’t have to leave it behind while using the washroom.
  • General Saga:Maintain personal distance and also be discreet while you talk. While you need not distrust any one, you must trust in god and also verify.
  • The Piligrimage Saga: Please carry a chudidhar , because some temples in India do not allow women in jeans or any other dress they are comfortable in except a chudidhar. Yeah, I know it’s agitating, we ll talk about it later, but please do pack one of the chudidhars.
That would be it, I know you are intelligent and sensible, moreover I don’t want you to put of your solo travelling plans. Just keep your eyes and ears open and stay safe all of ya.
Till the next time, glückliche Reise!
I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. My theme is A-Z of travelling in India.Come along and take the journey with me to experience incredible India.

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