“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

Before we start visiting more places. Let’s beat the Monday blues with getting ready with the prerequisites.
First things first, get these essentials whenever you plan a trip:
  1. Decide how long you plan your trip and always add a day or two specially for trips that last more than 10 days.
  2. Decide on whether you plan to carry a suitcase, backpack or strolley.  Better carry a strolley so you tug your heavy luggage along without help and carry a backpack so you can carry valuables with you all the time.
  3. Decide on the time of departure by allowing,at least,half an hour more for unforeseen events and ensure that you reach rail station/airport  sufficiently advance, so you can relax for a few minutes.
  4. Carry one/two photographs along with an original ID card and two copies to ensure hassle free stay.
  5. Check your train/flight and departure time and confirm lodge arrangements at destination well in advance, to avoid nasty surprise/s.
  6. Carry light snacks from a store near you so you can save time and money buying from rail station/airport.
  7. What you must carry: Liquid hand wash besides a sanitizer.
  8. Once you reach the destination, choose a prepaid taxi to avoid hassles and unpleasantness.
  9. Book your taxi or car from the lodge where you stay or make enquiries and use reputed taxi services to avoid delay and to enjoy your trip.
  10. You can book lodge using apps or travel websites and ensure comfortable stay. 
  11. Book your return  tickets well in advance and ensure there is sufficient gap for your next trip so that you can factor in unforeseen delay and avoid surprise.
  12. Consult your friends and travel blogs to make sure you visit as many places in and around a town so do not miss on anything.Carry Lonely Planet to quickly consult and visit some nearby place if you find spare time.

  13. Lock your bags and don’t forget the key!
  14. The expensive part of a trip is movement locally, hence, consider using city bus so you can save money and explore the area and culture comfortably and get a feel of the town at an easy pace. Trust me, a few trips in the bus and you would know the routes with ease.
  15. Travel to the nearby town by local train or bus and you get to meet people and explore new ways.
  16. When it comes to nitty gritty of itinerary: Bundle your clothes by rolling them neatly so they occupy less space and do not lose the crease.

Phew! That’s all guys. These are some really important things and itinerary makes your stay comfortable and pleasant. I gave you 16 golden things to do instead of the routine itinerary with timings. We are too fab for that . Aren’t we ? (Wink Wink)

I say these are golden because after a lot of planning and itineraries, these I have formed. 
So, tell me , how helpful was it for you? Was it golden or silver or platinum?

I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. My theme is A-Z of travelling in India.Come along and take the journey with me to experience incredible India.

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