The cold wind continues to hit my face,
I can’t find warmth in a single place!
Snowman tries to make it merry,
The tears and cold made my face red as a cherry!
A kid comes across the road and wipes the tears,
Oh, gal! Where have we lost the years?
My little princess now four and all grown,
Away from the unknown.

It’s summer and snowing,
That’s is why I am frowning.
How do I protect my sweetheart from global warming?
Nature had given us plenty of warning.

For a year, it had been scorching hot,
We waited for the cold a lot.
There’s not a single drop of water,
I wish the heavens would shower.
But shall not turn it into flood,
For the cause, I have stood.

Mother nature, we shall change,
Your anger isn’t strange.
I promise to make amends,
Let us have a happy ending when our life on earth ends.

This post is,written for Midweek Motif- Climate


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