The year began with the Ultimate Blog Challenge, where a blogger had to daily publish a post. the challenge was exciting and taxing at the same time. That is  the thing about challenges, right, they are demanding and at the same time rewarding. Thirty-one posts in the first month of the year.  Few posts excellent, few not up-to the mark.
Challenges enthral me, it pushes things to the boundary and sometimes above it, and then I know, I can do the existing things much better and push the boundaries forward. Greater the challenge, better it is, the glory after it is ravishing.
It has been two months now, and the competitive me, a demon, is hungry, and I have to feed its needs. The A-Z challenge will be all that it needs. It is challenging, demanding and a platform that would facilitate networking.
The challenge being the second in the year, I would be focussing on improving the content which I had not given much of a thought in the UBC.  Then, comes the quantity, I would try to keep it consistent throughout. And most of all unveil my creative side and blog better than before.
The blog begins with a post themed on letter A and ends with the last, that is, Z, 26 days of blogging and building of strong bonds with like-minded people.
I am plotting,planning and researching for the challenge. As a first timer, I am excited and nervous, but ready for the challenge. 
I am taking up the challenge. Are you ?
You can read more about the challenge here.

I am staking claim to A to Z Challenge along with Blogchatter community


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