“Here we are on the day to bid farewell to our seniors and with us we have our chief guest, Miss Sarah,part of our  alumni  the best selling author of the book, “In your dreams! She is here with us to share her success story and success of the book ” said the host.

Sarah was overwhelmed with emotions. She was going through the same things she was going through five years ago. Nothing seems to have changed.

It was the last day,  in the college and as per the tradition of the college a function to bid farewell was being conducted and the top ten  meritorious students were supposed to give a speech covering their journey in the campus and their future plans and goals.

The most anticipated speech of all was Sarah ‘s, for she was the only student from the batch who was selected in a top college in the US to pursue her master of science in engineering with a fully paid scholarship.

Sarah has other plans, she was a brilliant writer and had decided to follow her passion, although she loved engineering, she lives her world of words better. Words and books fascinated her more than circuits and operating system.
 She had butterflies in her stomach , for she was on the dias, and she was about to tell something that would come as a shock for others but would be a sigh of relief for her.

She started her speech by saying, ” Good morning one and all, it’s my honor to have been standing in this pious place where many students ,great, nurtured by our prestigious college have shared their experience and future.  The glorious four years have been highlighted by my friends here. I would just like to say thank you to each one of you for without the haters I wouldn’t have grown and without the supporters I wouldn’t have come up.  Its a small thing, but thank you one and all. ” Followed a thunder of claps.
She continued, ” As you all know about my selection into the university in U.S. I have decides not to pursue my higher studies in that university,  instead I would like to call upon my friend Sharadha to speak a few words for she will be going to the university with full scholarship instead of me as per mg race to communication with the university.Writing is my passion and would like to be a bestselling author making a difference in the world by my words. Thank you all once again for your support and patience. “

The auditorium was silent. There was mixed feelings, shock,happiness,anger and relief. Her friends and mother broke the silence by an applause,showing their support, the crowd followed them. Her father,the dean was the only one who was grave. Their faces ashened. She looked expectantly at them. The room was silent yet again as the Dean rose from his seat to speak. The dean said,” Sharadha , congratulations,  we are proud of you. ”  Thank you she said, still shocked with what her best friend did. It was indeed her beat birthday, as Sarah had promised her.

Addressing Sarah, the Dean said, ” You are a brilliant Engineer.  I don’t understand why you would throw your career. You would be a terrible writer. In your dreams!  In your dreams ,would you be an author.”

She was in tears at the insult by her father in front of so many people. She ran out and cried her heart out and it was the last of them speaking.

Today after five years, on the same dias, she met her father. After five long years they had their first eye contact and he smiled. In his glistened eyes she could see how proud he was.

This post is written for A Week For Writing – In your dreams

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