People in India are obsessed with fair  skin. Probably because we were ruled by the Britishers and we were treated badly based on color at that time. People still seem to be afraid, very few embrace their own or their  loved one’s dusky complexion. Its okay to be dusky! Seriously,  it is.

People here are so insensitive,  they have asked me questions so embarrassing and provocative that I decided never to respond to unnecessary people. They are really not worth reacting or responding to.

A far relative of mine once happened to ask my mother  why I was dusky although my parents were fair in complexion. My mom mumbled and fumbled and gave some lengthy explanation ,  which was completely unnecessary.  Ignorance is always bliss.  Why provide an explanation?  But she is a mom,  she feels bad about so many things, me being dusky is one of many things. Maybe it’s because of all such stupid people and lot of Fair and Lovely Ads she has this feeling .

For a few days, the negative people had influenced my positive sense. I would hate outings and functions.  My father,was the one who put sense into me. Over time, I started ignoring comments and loved myself for who I was. It felt great.

Over time,  I have come to realize,  the color,  the height, the weight,  it’s something that really doesn’t matter.  One may be a tall, fair looking person but what is the use of it if inside you are ugly.
Its important to be beautiful, always,  you need not be pretty for that.

For all the imperfect and perfect people out there, all I would like to say is be kind, love yourself, learn to accept the imperfections in you, and no longer it would be an imperfection.

I am not perfect and I love being like that.
How about you?

This post is written for Day 18 of UBC


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