What is joy I ask?
Finding it out was no less a task.
I searched it in others .
I found it in me!
Is it in the care of mothers,
Or in the protection of brothers?

Its in the small things,
Or in the sight of a pair of dauntless wings.
In the laughter of a child,
Is a sound so mild.
In the  mornings of winter,
The warmth of the sun enter,
Is joy found there?
If you seek, joy is found everywhere!

Its in the smallest of things,
Utmost satisfaction it brings.
Its in you!
Bear the badge of trust,I promise its true!

Day 6 of UBC

“This post is part of the January blogathon hosted by #kowthas and today’s prompt is To elaborate on an old post. Linked here

Also linking it to Midweek Motif -Joy

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