A curve I am,
Sweet as the jam.
Always put me on,
From dusk till dawn.
Who am I?
The smile that none can buy!
I keep people happy,
Mother cuddling her baby,
Cold winds of shower on a sunny day,
On a hard day when the music play,
I lighten up instantly,
Call me constantly.
Who am I ?
I am the smile which can never lie.
I come with a sense of satisfaction,
I have seen you in action.
Happy or sad,
Or when things turn out bad.
Things will be fine,
Thank the good than whine.
Everything happens for a reason,
The past and old is now out of season!
So smile and laugh hard,
Hard work lord will for sure reward!
I am no longer a mystery,
I fill the pages of your history.
Day 3: Ultimate blog challenge….
Happy weekend!

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