I fear you but yet love you,
Like the coin you have faces two.
Silence,oh,silence, what are you?
I just don’t have a clue.

The moments of silence,
lost jiffy trying to balance,
with a phone call filling in the absence.
I can feel my loved one’s presence.
Silence,oh,silence, I love you now,
I smile with glistened eyes, I don’t know how.

I feel you as I stare at god’s creations,
Peace and serenity sending out invitations!
You are rare but overwhelming with my family of friends.
Silence,oh,silence,when broken you try to make amends.

The silence after a fight,
crying all night.
Broken heart and trust,
Lies washing down and promises rust.
Silence,oh,silence, you now created a void,
Everything of meaning now destroyed.
Lonely and lost.
Crimson roses burst with frost.

I now think it was to create a better me,
Silence,oh,silence,how good does it feel to be free!

Written for  Poetry Jam . Prompt :Silence


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