People say confused is the status of my mind.
I wish god had even feelings designed.
I would say if I look confused,then I am thinking.
So that I get time for tinkering.

People say I don’t know what is right or wrong?
These comments have become a work song!
I say I try to be just.
So that i can just trust trust and trust..

People say I should not trust easily,
Why does life pose problems ceaselessly.?
I say life is all about risk, so why not take it.
All you need is to use your wit.

People say I should not do just anything for friends,
Why is it so difficult to make amends?
I think doing something good helps me transcend.
All i want is to blend, mend and then wend.

People say I must not take a risk.
Why don’t we have all the solutions of a easy life in a hard disk?
I think life is too short to be paranoid.
Then why be the characters of a novel so celluloid!

People say I have changed.
Why does situations on life make us deranged.
I say I am no chameleon.
Maybe for the world my ways are still alien.


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