“What you seek is seeking you.” 
My love for travel is something I will probably never be able to explain in writing. I have only experiences to offer and in the recent times of social media, while I have to focus more on documentation and photography, I do the exact opposite. While trying to capture the perfect shot, I feel like the joy is lost and I end up disappointed after the travel, which shouldn’t be it.


A few weekends back we were backpacking in Vienna and we decided we would have minimal phone usage, although we posted on social media after a long time, our usage was minimal and at the end of the day, although exhausted, there was a pure joy that gleamed through our eyes. Highlights, our experience, and a few photos coming your way. I hope you enjoy this amazing culture, architectural and joyous trip.


We started our journey into the city at 8AM  after a hot cup of coffee. Strangely the entire trip to Germany has made me fall in love with coffee and the sheer smell of it.


The main attractions open quite late, so we walked around the city, taking in things and enjoying the walking trip because there were hardly any people on the street and a previous spell of rains had made the weather the best for a walk!


For those who are traveling in Europe for the first time and on their own, one must remember the lanes and traffic rules are quite different and there is a lot of preference given to cyclists. So be sure you look out.


We walked our way from the station to the royal Schönbrunn Palace. We wanted to experience the imperial architecture, gardens, and history, spend more time here so we made this our first stop. The UNESCO world heritage site had already begun to attract a lot of crowds early in the morning. For centuries this palace was the summer home for the Hasburgs, displaying their taste in architecture and art. This place is so huge that you will need at least a day to cover the entire place. We spent half our day exploring the grounds of royal Schönbrunn Palace.


We, then boarded the hop on hop off bus for which we had purchased the tickets beforehand. The bus has multiple lines, covering most of Vienna. We were provided with earphones and wifi on the bus, while we waltzed through the city, the audio guide brought the history to life. The beautiful pieces of opera in the background and the historic city of Vienna in front of us.


Since time was of the essence we planned to explore only a few places and went touristy with others. While we had an amazing experience in Vienna, we hope we would be back again to explore the city entirely the next time. Till the next adventure begins, here are a few glimpses from Vienna:



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