Author: Vineet Bajpai
Price: Rs 200
Genre: Mythological Fiction
No. of Pages: 314

About The Author:

Vineet is a first-generation Entrepreneur. He has led the global top-ten advertising agency TBWA as its Indian CEO. This made him perhaps the youngest ever CEO of a multinational advertising network in the country.
He has written three best-selling management and inspirational books-Build from scratch, The street to the highway and The 30 Something CEO.

He is an avid swimmer, a gaming enthusiast, a bonfire guitarist and a road-trip junkie.

About The Book:

The book is a part of series which focuses on ancient bloodlines. It intertwines the present days to a mythological past. The chapters oscillate between the present and the past. The book has history, mythology, occult, mercenaries and all served with a modern take.
Vidyut is in his early 30’s and is a jack of all trades. He is an entrepreneur and also has strong religious beliefs and immense strength. The author elaborates more on Vidyut’s character, family in New Delhi and portrays him to be perfect. He is suddenly summoned by his ancestor to Varanasi.Unaware of what is in store for him, he arrives in Varanasi.
In parallel we are now introduced to the magnificent city of Harappa, the mighty Saraswathi, people in it, the day to day happenings, the great Vivasan Pujari, his wife Sanjana and their son Manu.

The plot begins to deepen, contrasting yet similar traits in the past and modern world of treachery, deceit, occult, exorcism, jealousy, thirst for power and ignorance.

The other characters along with the pain shape the book well.

My Say:

The language is simple. Brilliantly edited and beautifully written. Excellent vocabulary.  The book can be finished in a single sitting.

Among many Indian authors, I have developed a deep liking towards the author because of his writing. This is the first time I am reading him but it was really worth the time.

I did not like Vidyut being portrayed as perfect, that is something related to my belief. I believe nobody is perfect, human or god.
 There are plots, sub- plots and a wide story base, yet neither would you feel bored nor would you get confused. The book is well-researched and a must-read for a mythological, fiction and history lover.


Overall, I rate this book a 4/5. 
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