“Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours. ” -Zero Dean

Seldom, people don’t understand what you desire from life, your ambition, your way of living, your dreams. Not only they don not understand, they also at times make fun of what you are trying to explain. I am the one who would get disheartened and would feel low if such incidents happened for days.

My actions were an outcome of carefully weighed thoughts and what the other person would think of me. I love being around with people and having a great company, but life always has things planned for you that you could never imagine. Certain circumstances early in life taught me how to stay alone, and although it was one of the most painful periods, it was the best learning life could have ever given me. From then on, I value my close pals and myself more than I ever did.

I have come to realise, that each one has a different upbringing, a different lifestyle and most importantly a different thought process altogether. And not everyone understands like your mother does and it is wrong of you to even expect such a thing. At the same time, there are people who understand you as well, and they are your people for life.

Apart from communication, the other pillar on which relationship is built is understanding. A relationship is magical, if things that can not be expressed are also understood the same way when expressed out aloud.

Early in life, it is important not to waste time on people who don’t have time for you and talk to people who can’t hear you. There are people no matter what you do would never like you, and that is perfectly okay because you also have people who love you fiercely.

The more I became myself, the many I pulled away from me. But I also attracted as many.

Only to realise on a hot evening with a cold coffee in my hand that you are not everyone’s cup of tea but a fine glass of perfect red wine!


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