“Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.”
― Maya Angelou

My take on gratitude is more or less the same what it was a few months back when I wrote about it for the first time here.

Gratitude is still not a natural disposition and I believe it is a very difficult thing to practice gratitude in your twenties. But I know many people who are really good at it.

Imagine just when you had your entire Saturday planned and then you are called to work, you only feel grumpy, you don’t even feel like telling thanks to the person who wakes up early along with you on Saturday and helps you go to the office on time. Well, technically you should be, but GRUMPY is the word. And then there is this day you would be waiting eagerly to meet a friend, and then she cancels at the last- minute and you end up with no plan because you cancelled with another ten people for this one. I could quote thousands of such instances where the word thanks would hardly cross your mind. But then you would think of me as an extremely negative person, which I am not, you would know if you meet me.

So, when I pondered and pondered which I do most of the time, I realised, any situation is how you take it and my perfectionist mind could not accept the sudden changes and also the mind is like the monkey, untameable, it is very difficult to calm down the spikes. After a discussion with my bestie, we realised that like many things, gratitude is a state of mind. It is about how you take things. When I end up with no plans on weekends because of cancellations, I began considering it as family time, helping mum by preparing lunch. I am judicious with saying thank you to things that are visible but deliberate gratitude is what one needs I feel.

And this practice in your twenties will help you remain sane and focused. Also, I started practising gratitude for my mental health, given the stressful life, it is essential to sail through ripples and hurricanes.

Do you practice gratitude? What would you advise this novice.


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