A friend of mine rightly put, that a mother is the spine of the family. While we discuss women this month, it would be incomplete without mentioning the powers of a mother. Because I have written poems before on that this is something that I couldn’t stop myself from writing given the situation. And I am really hoping my lady gets well soon. 🙂

When she fell ill,
our life came to a standstill.
Our house was in a frenzy,
Every mundane task was testing me.

She wasn’t there to wake me up,
with the freshly brewed tea cup.
To prepare the breakfast or pack lunch,
with dad in the kitchen, it was like a punch.
Everyone have their limitations.
no matter what the situation.

He tried his best,
so that she could get all the rest.
The kitchen haywire,
and the daily routine on fire.

Mom oh mom,
with you, fit and fine things are so calm.
I realize we took you for granted,
complaining about the world that was actually enchanted.
Just get well and I promise not be a bad child,
I will be as wild and trouble you mild.
Just get better because I love you and can’t see you in pain.
And I promise I will never complain.

This post is writtn for Day 21 of UBC.


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