Septembers have been my favorite month always, simply for the reason that I love the number 9 and I celebrate my birthday on this month. This time it is quite different for I feel a change in myself. I have accepted myself as I am.

The past few months have been a roller-coaster ride with so many highs and lows and I think it was life’s way of welcoming me to adulthood. My novice ways and honesty has brought nothing but trouble but that adulthood can never take it from me. A few days after I welcomed the realization of adulthood, I did not know if growing up was good after all. No,it isn’t. But we have no control over it so I searched ways of shielding myself from it. Bad idea.

I began to think a lot in my safe shell. So in the sea of thoughts and months of introspection, I realized so many things of  adulthood that I had spent blissfully unaware. This month, I will be sharing all the learnings that have resulted out of my introspection. I am still a work in progress, but the first lesson is an absolutely necessary one.

The first lesson: Self-Love.


In the years that I have known myself, I have been a submissive person and only recently a friend pinpointed it and urged me to change. What started as  respect to elders and letting go for the younger ones turned terrible at a point. A point where saying no was impossible and going to self-critical mode was easier.

I was surrounded by so many inferiority complexes that people around me created regarding my appearance, choice of study and everything that they could possibly think of for quite a long time that I had learned to ignore it. But deep inside I knew it wasn’t as easy as I assumed it to be. On the outside, I smiled and ignored the lewd and insensitive comments and on the inside, I was dying a painful death. And the best part of adulthood was the realization that things had to change.

The past few months of introspection has made me realize that it needed immense self-love not to go into the self-critical mode. That it was okay, okay if people did not like you and did not accept your opinions. It needs great self-love to say no because you are putting yourself ahead and it isn’t wrong at all. I had to believe that there was nothing wrong with me ever and I am the best and that I was sufficient. And I realized I have been the most critical person in my life and I did not want to live with that person anymore,because if I did not love myself, how could I expect others to?

That is how I began and it wasn’t an easy ride at all, but I now put myself first, I accepted compliments and stopped undervaluing myself. I stopped mincing words and fooling myself. I also realized self-love is more than pampering yourself in the spa but instead loving your own company in a cafe full of people surrounded by friends. I celebrated myself.

Then I told myself this daily and constantly:

Just remember you are beautiful and it doesn’t matter if others don’t know it.

As I struggle and learn to know myself better. Ask yourselves if you truly love yourselves because it needs a humongous will and acceptance to  love yourself.

Do you love YOU?

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