Rosie had everything she ever needed. Her dream job, time for her hobbies and an understanding husband. She was against the idea of marrying soon but when her long time boyfriend proposed her in front of Taj Mahal, under the star clad skies and shimmering white marble, it was no less than a fairytale and she couldn’t say no. 

Two years of blissful marriage and no regrets but only memories. Alex loved kids and she loved  other’s kids and did not want her own anytime soon. Career was her priority and she had everything planned. When to achieve what and her child was in her plan too. She was the Ms.Know-it all. 

And then one day came a woman knocking from child care agency. Rosie’ s only sister Jasmine and her husband were killed in an ambush. Rosie hated her sister’s job and Jasmine like Rosie had planned things out and wanted to be a detective but as soon as she got married family and work she balanced beautifully. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and this was her first assignment post the maternity bliss. 

Rosie being the godmother and immediate and only family there came a tiny bundle of joy called Katie. A few hours of procedures and Alex stood there beaming with Katie. They were now proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.  When reality dawned and she realized she was a mother now, and her priorities would change, her life would change. She looked at Alex and said,” I had a million plans . I knew what I was going to do. I had the next few years of my life all figured out. But what I didn’t know was that within  a few hours all those plans would change. Ms. Know -it-all didn’t know it all so much then.” She broke down, tears flowing. Engulfed by the grief of her only sister’s death and the uncertainties in her new life. She was unsure if Alex was okay with the new arrangement and then zillion things running through her mind. 

Alex caressed and consoled her. And one arm around Rosie and in one arm confused but silent Katie, he said,”  Life is hard,so what ?
There was no looking back then,their love for each other just doubled and their life revolved around Katie. 

Parenthood changes a life completely isn’t it? And like they say, change is around the corner and learn to expect it to come anytime and most importantly learn to embrace the new change!

This post is a part of the prompt of the week, INSPIRED BY YOUR FAVORITE BOOK – a quote, a line, a character; by The BlogChatter. I have chosen one of my favorite books – Love,Rosie  and the sentences in quotes are taken from the book.


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