There are many women in my life who shaped me and made me who I am.  I admire and respect them.But of many, my mother was one of the most influential and continues to guide me for which I as grateful.
My mother,  born to a middle class family, with many siblings, an all rounder  and a person who makes friends quickly.
She is an enigmatic person, ever encouraging and appreciative. A selfless person like most mothers. A person whom I can rely upon and the only person who would never let me down. She knows things before I do, and an all time advisor, be it personal, professional or financial.
She hardly shows her love and affection by hugs and kisses and cozy words. I often missed it, especially when I saw my cousins and friends getting it. But over time, as I grew up I realized although such display of affection was important but necessary, and I no longer needed it because I knew what she meant to me and I to her and I realized she just does not know how to do it and doesn’t want to display her affection like others.
I accepted her as she is and she does as I am, that’s what and how a relationship must be. We understand each other, and are there for each other although we are miles apart.
I can brag about her all day long and I am sure you would be glad you met her. Her influence and she are beyond the scope of mere words.
Separation from her because of my job makes me realize how easy life was with her, probably everything happens for a reason, for I value my mother much more now.
‘This post has been written in association with Blogchatter and Chaipoint for their Mothers Day Special.

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