2015, the year just flew by. Any year has it’s set of ups and downs. This year was no different.
The year began with a small vacation followed by a student conference. A great start with family and friends.
The following months were piled up with college and department work. Project, fest, competitions and organizing.
The four beautiful years of my engineering life was going to end. Anything in life, good or bad, will come to an end. What we gain from the days is experience and make memories. The firsts, the lasts, and few things repetitive.

Tried to enjoy the most out of the college days before we were called the alumni. There was fun, frolic and contentment as I left the college and bid adieu to the city where I did my graduation.

Then came the entry to the corporate life. Mixed feelings here, few expectations shattered few things exceeded the expectations.

Time like the sand just slipped from the hand, and here I am at the end of the year.

Here is what went well this year for me:
1. Was recognized as the best outgoing student of the department. A proof that hard work is always rewarded. And the reward sweet!

2. The joy of the phone beeping at the month end is immense. First job, first salary.
3. Few achievements in blogging.
4. Had an opportunity to attend a book launch and meet blogger friends.
5. Tiny winy vacations.
Life is a share of good and bad things. Of many things these we’re really emotionally and physically challenging for me.
So here it goes.
1. I had to let go of the comfort zone of my house and move away to a city which was very different in terms of people and weather. I missed my mom a lot initially. I still do, but told myself to behave like a big girl.

2. I was stuck in the flood, but that just made me a stronger person.

Its our perception that makes things and experiences good or bad, so I do not wish to dwell on the bad things but learn from unpleasant and move on.

What I realized from my experience is life is too short to live for tomorrow and to dwell in the past while the present is lying right ahead.

Staying away from your loved ones make you realize how much you love each other. I realized how important my mom was in my life and how easy she had made my life. She loves me more , yet let me go to experience things that I haven’t.  In the process, I realized I wasn’t independent but am now.

I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.

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