I was a baby when I first met her. She was huge and a little ugly. These were my initial memories of her. She nurtured and made me.
You must be wondering who this is.
My mother?
She is my grandmother!
My mother continues to leave her impression on me.
Well, my grandmother, she is no more, she lives within us in our memories. Still fresh, like the years we spent with her was just yesterday.
My granny was very young when she was married. Could not even finish her senior secondary education. Experience,observations and struggle made her an enigmatic and strong person. Magazines,newspapers, TV and her family kept her occupied. She had a solution to every problem! I don’t know how but she just knew everything. Writing this hasn’t been easy, thinking about her, still brings tears into my eyes. Oh,how I miss her!

She taught me that education is not everything, but  important. Presence of mind and smart thinking will take you a long way. The proof of pudding is in eating she would say and give her own example.
The one person of our house who was the best chef, the career guide, advisor,fitness trainer and an encourager!  I haven’t met anyone like her in the past or do I know any person now but would be very happy to find such an enigmatic personality I, the future.
 She was the person who was my guiding light in the path of darkness and full of hurdles. The one person who judged who were my friends in reality and who were back stabbers, I would be disappointed by her judgement but yet it was correct every single time. The one person who taught me the importance of presenting oneself while you have a small wardrobe but yet look and feel good.

From her I learnt to live the present, learn from the past quickly and move on to build a new and better future. This principle of hers probably got her this far.
She would have made friends with you had you met her. And yes you would be as drawn to her as I was and am.
She taught  me things in the best possible way which I could not have learnt by any other way.

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