She was the perfect gal,
And all were her pal.
The perfect daughter,
Life was all laughter.

Behind every smile,
She tried to relieve her heart in a friendly style.
The mask gave her solace,
She could hide her grief with grace.

Behind the mask she had fiends
more than friends.
Her house haunted her,
It was like without a Christmas on winter.

She was all alone,
All forlorn ,
True side less known.
Afraid and frightened of uncle Owen.

She pledged to end the pain,
She wanted to feel alive again.
To live free of fear and abuse,
Never would she let her or any girl to be a slave of sexual use.

She left the fear behind in her room,
To tell her parents the truth,
She felt as safe with them as a child in a mother’s womb.
They cried, the tears trying to sooth.
That day on she no longer needed the mask,
She now knew the task.
She would try to reduce the pain in others,
Make their lives less of thorns and more of flowers.


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