Travelling is a passion that one must develop. It enhances one’s thinking,making a person tough and ready for any situation.

Travelling is a passion and interest of mine. Two years back I had visited the controversial town of Darjeeling . So ,controversial because you find a lot of army vehicles and posters of Gorkhaland. Due to economic and social negligence , people demand for a separate state.

I fell in love with the city the second our car started climbing the hilly terrains.

I am going to share in this post a few amazing  things about the city ,for Wikipedia and the government have done a very good job in debriefing the city and it’s attractions . 

So here goes few from a lot of amazing things.
1. Shopping area which is vehicle free.
Yeah, you heard it right, good shops,cafes, awesome weather and no vehicles and pollution. Seats to rest and enjoy the view of lighted shops and dark mountains in the evening. Lovely sparking mountains ,clean and well kept roads. Smoking prohibited on roads. Well ,now don’t you want to check it out yourselves?
And the place is called MG Marg. Shops are open between 8:00 to 19:00 hours.
Closed on Tuesdays. 
2. Women lead. I loved it! 
Women are managers of hotels,owners of shopping centers, they serve you food in restaurants,they cook,take orders and exemplary services. Its a place where you actually see equality among men and women. My heart was filled with pride as I saw the city bustling with economy fuelled by both men and women .

3.Exotic at its peak.
If you are a lover of flowers and fruits,you ought to visit the place. You get the most exotic flowers and fruits at reasonae prices considering the pain the people have to go through to obtain them,fighting the weather and hilly terrain.

4. Heaven on earth 
Yeah,you heard it right. I know there are many such places. But this is my heaven on earth. As chilly weather with warm hearted people and excellent hospitality. I got to warn you that hotel prices are high,but they are worth the amount,considering other tourist attractions.

Much more some other time,I don’t want you to drop all your work to visit the place. Although pur friends there would love it. You need to know a little more to make the maximum of the serenity!

But do start packing!

Day 5-UBC

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