Sarah always came home drunk,
She was more like the punk,
Eva was,peaceful like  the monk!
Devoid of all the world’s audible junk..

The world was a blunt place to Sara,
Loving and adventurous to Eva.
The sisters complementary,
Their love for each other had no boundary.

Sara ‘s health was failing,
Like a young bud dying before blooming .
Eva now forlorn and devastated.
Now more to god she was dedicated..

Sara lied down, lethargic.
She was as cold as the arctic.
Her tormenting mind now quiet , at ease,
But she wanted Eva to hear the breeze,
clinging of the keys, buzzing of the bees.
It was now all quiet for Sara ,
Her own sobbing, deafening  for Eva.

Sara’s death  filled sound in Eva’s ears.
Sara s cochlea now hers.
 New senses filled in Eva,
She valued her life even more for she now was Eva and Sara .

 Written for Thomg’s 3WW week #405 and Poetry Jam (Prompt: Quiet )


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