After sitting on a wobbly wood desk coloring in multiple choice bubbles for an hour and a half, I finally tip-toed to the front and handed in my last exam paper.Now I could say goodbye to early mornings, and good bye to the gargantuan stress and tension.Now I could say hello to my home, friends and travel. I could spend time with my passion and hobbies.

But as I pondered deep, I realized that exams is something that everyone is afraid of, even one of my favorite actors, Hugh Jackman.!.He says he was more afraid for his high school exams than the Oscars!!! Well, nothing bizarre about it. Is there?

But we do have to accept the reality, high school and college exams are something that are visible and known to us. It is something we are sure it is going to happen when , where and how, so we are afraid yet prepared.

With enormous responsibility on shoulders and expectations from parents,family and friends from something that we are going to write or mark on apiece of paper! Here in India everybody are interested in other’s marks from class 1 grade to your CGPA in engineering. From the one-day park jogger to the not-so-friendly neighbor everyone are warm during the results , interested and best part is that they provide free advise irrespective of whether it is required or not.

But what everybody forget is that the results which come out by scribbling into a paper in terms of marks,grades or pointers is something that one can do as it no longer is an obstacle because it is not the unknown anymore and life does not run on those free advises or the marks we obtain.
Living life our way itself is the biggest challenge, we go in a path that is completely unknown with no piece of paper to scribble to pass. 


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