Dear amazing women,
here is my humble opinion.
We are all beautiful and strong,
But we got each other wrong.
Pretended and lived like we don’t belong,
We may not by blood,
But, don’t we by heart?
We pulled each other down,
by saying things bad about the girl beautiful and brown.
Calling her fatso or skinny,
why it would not suit- the bikini.
Of how she is not ideal,
and when hit why she must not squeal.
Why be a villain to your own?
While I understand feminism,
why blame men we don’t stand up for each other?
We pull each other down when we need help the most. 
A good man was raised by a fine lady,
women not standing up for women is crazy!
We call each other bitch, I ask, what is wrong with being one?
They just stood up for themselves because they had none.
It’s never too late to change,
It will feel strange, but you will manage.
Compassion, empathy, and kindness,
That’s what we need in the world full of madness.
Let’s be kind to one another, 
And build greater generation with each other.

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