I believe that if a crime has been committed and not reported,  it’s a mistake of the one who did it and the one who suffered,  that is the victim as well. Yes, I do know, it’s difficult to report,  there are so many external factors apart from the courage one requires to report it. There is another person who is also responsible for it, the person who knows about the abuse, but does not want to bother because he is a third person.  The list just never ends. We can complain and drool over it, point fingers at each other but at the end, the sufferers suffer and the abusers abuse. To bring an end to this culture, dear women, we need to raise our voices, report any kind of abuse, I know , we can bear a lot, but why suffer when there is no need to?

The three reasons why I encourage to report sexual violence:

1. Be the stepping stone!

If you are one of those people who are being abused and know many such people who are suffering like you, you could lead by example,  and help the rest of them to be free from the hellish lives they are leading. I know to take the lead in such a situation takes tremendous effort. But a single effort could improve and save yours as well as many women’s lives.

2.  Silent are the sufferers

Staying mum and enduring violence shall not get you any Oscar award or any other prestigious noble award. Dear friend, the one who opens her mouth at the right reason  shall survive. It goes by Mr. Dickens theory,”Survival of the fittest”. You keep quiet and suffer,  the abuser shall perish,  you raise your voice at the right time for yourself and the people you care or see being abused, you are victorious! Silence speaks a million words they say, but in this case, silence only means your consent to the abuse and the violence you are going through,  to which under any circumstance you must not keep mum. Shall you keep mum and support the crime or come forward and help yourself?

3. The joy of giving

Yes, you read it right!  Gifting gives you the joy of giving, then you must be wondering how reporting of violence provides the joy of giving.  Oh, yes it does! I see anyone being abused,  an anonymous call to the cops reporting violence is the least you could do to gift the victim a life free of violence.  You do this only after you have a chat with the victim once, encouraging them to come forward and report. The smile of gratefulness and gratitude will give you courage and the next call you do  to the cops need not by anonymous. I know it’s better if you made no calls, but there are so many around us who needs a little courage to go along.

Reporting of violence involves a lot of risks too, if the abuser is free and out of jail, the victim would be in danger,  there are NGO s and various initiatives to help the victims but, there always remains the quality of working of policies.

But my women friends, this must never discourage you from reporting sexual violence, for it’s always better to try to escape from bad things rather than not try at all.

I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda.


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