Today a tale I shall narrate,
But remember that was my fate.
It is not too late for you to learn,
And that is what I yearn.

I had brothers three,
Daily they went somewhere without me.
They wore the same dress and carried a bag,
At times the bag they had to drag.

I cried and fought for days,
Tried new ways.
It was darkness with no sun rays.
But these methods had worked always.

I told amma I want to go with them too,
She told me that I can’t do.
Cooking and take care of the family is for you.
Education I can’t pursue.

Anna came in and promised to teach,
And then gave a big speech.
I loved to read and write.
I worked hard day and night.

And then I was married to your father,
I knew nothing but he did not bother.
I was taunted and ridiculed after his death,
I was illiterate and pain choked my every breath.

I promised myself not to let this happen to you,
Do you want the naysayers to be true?
Learn well and teach me too.
Dear in life we will sail through.

Written for Day 3 of UBC


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