It was a beautiful holiday morning,
And then she came in without a warning.
Alone in the washroom with pee and blood,
It started as a spot and then flowed like a flood.

My mom came into check,
And I was already a wreck.
She wept with me, consoling.
She then gave me something with a wing.

From then on stuck a sanitary napkin,
Once a month between my legs.
It was uncomfortable and irritating.
Every half an hour I felt like peeing.
There was confusion, discomfort, and fear.
And in pain sometimes there would be a tear.

Slowly I understood the changes,
Only to realize it has multiple faces.
Religion did not spare my bleeding.

They said no sitting together and touching.Thank heavens my family was open-minded.
And they found the entire concept absurd.
Temples I am still not allowed to enter,
Not because of fear.

Because we believe god resides in the heart.Panic mode was white dress days in school,
Red spots on the white dress weren’t cool.
I am as messy as I was years back.

Now I wear dresses without a care

Green tea, hot showers, and bed soothes me,
What soothes thee?

 PeriodPride period-pride

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