Bengaluru is the mother of all cities for me. My birthplace and the place I call home. Be it enthralling, adrenaline filled or mesmerising trips, getting back home is always a pleasure.  With all, it’s flaws and beauty I love this city wholeheartedly. We are emotionally attached to the city we have grown up and spent maximum time in. Probably because of the sentiments, nostalgia and memories that are associated with it.  This place, it isn’t just my home, it is a feeling.

Without further ado let me introduce you to the city. In the Wikipedia way? Nah! Okay, so if you are just 400-500 kilometres away, hop on to a train that goes to Bangalore, the heavy on pocket air crafts are there anyway. The cool breeze welcomes you to the city, as you leave the station, you are bullied by the autorickshaw and the private cab drivers. Uber and Ola comes to our rescue nowadays. If you want to use the public transport then you will have to walk a few metres extra.

This is a funny meme on the BMTC saga
You are mesmerised by the city’s climate and greenery, try to ignore the pollution and traffic. You can pass by huge buildings both new and old. Early morning rides are a pleasure, the buildings and the greenery look like a perfectly painted picture which you are a part of.
The Lonely Planet and Wiki has a lot to say and give to the travellers. The five things that will make you fall in love with the city instantly:
1. The Enchanting Weather 
The climate and the greenery, probably that’s a hit among many who stay there. The city just absorbs in people. You get to see parks everywhere, small weekend outing spots, hills, betta we call them. 
Let us try to keep the city clean and beautiful. We want the coming generation to enjoy it. Don’t we?
2.  Platter of World Cuisine
From the Mysuru Masala dosa to Lebanese food and Chinese to Italian. Bangalore satisfies every foodie’s needs and at all times. Hungry, are we? Drop by and taste the scrumptious delicacies.

3. Shopper’s Destination
The city is piled up with malls. You could head to the malls if you are looking for an item which is available in a particular brand. If not, then there are ample shopping addas, M.G. Road,Commercial street,Kormanagala,Jayanagar,Malleshwaram and K.R. Market it is to name a few.

4. The Night Life:

It is brilliant. A lot of good Pubs and cafes have come up recently. Need I say more? Come out here and check it out for yourself.

5. The Suave Crowd:

As I told before,the city just absorbs people in, anyone could survive in Bangalore. There wouldn’t be a problem in terms of language,food or people. The people are sophisticated and helping, like many other cities in the country.
So, there are few flaws as well. Traffic is terrible. From 3pm-10pm,make sure not to be anywhere around ITPL,electronic city, Marathahalli and Jayanagar. The climate is not as pleasant as before, but not bad at all.

True but sad

So, if you decide to drop by any time to the beautiful city of mine, do call me, I shall be your guide with pleasure. I promise to make your stay pleasant and memorable.
See you, on my side soon.

I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. My theme is traveling in India. Take the journey along with me to experience incredible India.

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