Shores, hills and heat,
A city small and sweet.
With famous temples in every street.
blessings, sweets and a lot to eat.
Aroma of  coconut oil,
with raw banana has just begun to boil.
Chips they say it is,
Ice creams, sundaes and a fat lunch,
A whiff of jasmine in the air,
You may find bunch of it, adorned in the ladies hair!
My roots born here but not me,
multicultural I may be.

Gardens, vehicles and buildings,
A concrete city with programmed beings.
You could get any cuisine here,
All your loved ones dear but not near.
I was born here, in the city of Bangalore,
people here don’t seem to have heard any folklore.
Nevertheless my birthplace dear to me,
multicultural I may be.

I stayed in different places,
That this heart of mine embraces.
I left a part of myself,
Laying all the memories on the shelf.
I am special for I get to  feel local twice,
Belonging to place makes me feel nice! 

 Written for   Poetry Jam-Local


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